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Providing strategic solutions to business problems since 1994


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Excel / VBA /Access/SQL database integration

The big business systems are great for mainstream functionality, that's why they are there. But there are many times when big isn't good enough. Data has to be obtained, summarised, organised and reported, and big systems don't, often, do that. That's where Excel, VBA and SQL can work together to produce analysis vital to an organisation. Excel is the Swiss Army knife of business and this fast, agile analysis is what managers require. Most projects, in which I have been involved, require this integration.

Excel/VBA/Add-in Programming

I can produce add-ins for use with the ribbon or in the, still, traditional, menubar.

Recover Failing Projects

There are times when it is obvious that Excel is the right answer to produce a strategic solution to solve a business problem. What is not always so obvious is the level of skill required to produce that result. A project has been given to someone who is recognised as the company's, or department's, Excel whiz. For day-to-day work, that person is great, but when trying to produce and maintain a solution, as well as doing their day job, things often fall apart. It may be that the solution is just out of reach of that person's current competence. It may be that the time required is not available.

I have rescued many projects in this position; I can help rescue yours.


Business and Systems Analysis

I have been doing analysis for longer than I care to remember! Many years ago, I was sent on a business analysis course, because the company I was working for thought it would be a good idea. It was a very useful course, but all the time I kept thinking that is was just like the auditing, that I had done, all those years ago when I was training. Flow charts, swim lanes, actors, scenarios, it was still all the same.

Today, one of the favourite buzzwords is "agile". I have been doing agile analysis (and programming) since before the term was coined for the analysis domain. Agile is what APL and spreadsheets (123, Excel, etc) are all about.


Auditing and Forensic Investigation

A typical scenario would be that a key member of staff has moved on. One of their responsibilities  was the update and maintenance of a project or family of projects. Having moved on, you find that all the knowledge has also departed. A cursory investigation reveals that there is no documentation, either user or technical, and that any further maintenance will rely on finding an appropriate resource to reverse engineer the applications and produce the necessary documentation; bear in mind that to rewrite the application will still require the reverse engineering process!

I am that resource! I can produce documentation, both technical and user, that will allow you to continue operating.



Do you have systems that concern you? Not because they don't work, but because they do and they are NOT documented.

Contact us so that we can get you out of a pickle before you get into one!


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Published: 1997
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