Save and BackUp


With just one click your work is saved and backed up with a sequential history and a development log.

  • This is ideal for anyone developing an Excel workbook.

  • Where a development history is required.


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Quick Overview

Save and BackUp - What happens?

  • Saves your file.
  • Creates a sequential BackUp copy.
  • Prompts you to make an entry in the project log file.

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What is "Save and BackUp"?
  It's an Excel add-in for use with Excel 97, 2000, XP and 2003
Does "Save and BackUp" take the place of Excel's save functionality?
  "Save and BackUp" provides additional functionality
When installed, do I have to use "Save and BackUp"?
  You can use "Save and BackUp" in addition to Excel's "Save".
Which file does "Save and BackUp" save?
  The active file.




The Toolbar and Menu Items

The Toolbar

  "Save and BackUp" has it's own toolbar.


Location of the new menu items


"Save and BackUp" adds two new items to the File menu:

  • "Save and BackUp"

  • "Save and BackUp, Other"

Runs "Save and BackUp".
New sub-menu to support "Save and BackUp" functionality.


The "Save and BackUp, Other" sub-menu


If you choose to unload the add-in these items are automatically removed.



Save and BackUp in depth

Click on "Save and BackUp" and your work is saved and sequentially backed up. This is ideal for anyone developing an Excel workbook, especially where a development history is required.

Save and BackUp - What happens?

  • The first time you save a file using "Save and BackUp" a new sub-folder is created using the same name as the file, but without the xls extension.
    • You can store all you backups in a separate directory which can also be on another drive or server.
  • Off that sub-folder, a new sub-folder is created for each day you make a save.
  • Each time you use "Save and BackUp" on that day, a date and timed copy of the file is made. So, if you make any mistakes, or want to review a previous version, you just open up the relevant version.

What if I haven't yet named and saved the file?

  • You will be prompted to give the file a name the first time you use "Save and BackUp":
  • If you change you mind, click on "Cancel" and no save or BackUp is made.

Making a log entry

  • We named this demonstration file "Budget.Xls".
  • Each time you use "Save and BackUp" you will be prompted to make an entry in the log file for this project.
  • If you change your mind, click on "Cancel" and no save or BackUp is made.
  • Below you can see the "Save and BackUp" result
  • The file was saved in the "Development" folder
  • A new sub-folder called "Budget" was created.

Here are some screen shots of what happens over a few days as a project develops.

  • The first time a file is saved, "Save and BackUp" creates a sub-folder named after the file's name.
  • It also creates sub-folders for each day you save using "Save and BackUp". The sub-folders are named in the format "yyyymmdd", so 7th March 2003 would be "20030307". This way your directories are listed in creation order.
  • A file called "PROJECT.LOG" is created in the master sub-folder. This is a text file used to make notes about the project (see below).
  • Each time you use "Save and BackUp" BackUp copies are created in the daily folders. Each copy has the date, time and a revision number appended to the name.
  • After a few days you will have several sub-folders holding the BackUp copies of your project.
  • The file "PROJECT.LOG" holds the comments you have made when using "Save and BackUp" and any random log entries you have made.



The add-in comes with an INI file called “BygSaveAndBack.Ini” which is installed in the same folder as the add-in file. The INI file holds many settings, including date and time formats. You can access the file from the “Save and BackUp, Other” sub-menu.


File > Save and BackUp, Other > INI File


You can change certain items, such as date formats, by revising entries in the INI file:


For anyone who has never dealt with an INI, all you need to know is that it is a text file that you can edit with any text editor, such as Notepad.


By default, Byg Tools uses Notepad to edit the INI file. You can change this in the “Editor” section of the INI file.


A line commencing with a semicolon, ";", is a comment.


Lines commencing and ending with square brackets are section headings.


The remaining lines are variables. The variable name is on the left of the equals sign, "=", and the value it holds is on the right.


Below is the INI file supplied with "Save and BackUp".

; © Byg Software Ltd 2001, 2002, 2003

Name=Registered Name

; Formats used by date and time


The INI file has five sections.


  • Your registration name and number go here


  • Configure your date and time formats. Use a string Excel will recognise. Anything else may give unexpected results.
  • The FormatRevnum variable determines how many characters are used when appending the revision number to the BackUp file.


  • The default editor is Notepad, which should be sufficient for most purposes. You can use your own editor by putting the full path name in the Editor variable.


  • set the Log variable to False if you do not want to be prompted for log entries (not advised).


  • An alternative location to store all your backups created with Save and Backup.




  • Run the file you have downloaded. It is a self-extracting .exe file called BygSaveAndBackUp.exe.

  • The loader will default to the “C:\BygSaveAndBackUp” folder. You can change this to a location of your choosing by clicking on the Browse button


Installing an Excel add-in

  • In Excel, on the Tools menu, click Add-Ins.

  • If “Save and BackUp” is not listed in the Add-Ins dialog box, click Browse and locate where you installed the program (see above)
  • Select the “Save and Back” check box.

  • Click on "OK"


The "Save and BackUp, Other" menu

The “Save, Back and Other” menu consists of four items.

Project Log Opens the PROJECT.LOG file for the active workbook


Log Entry Make log entries without saving the active workbook


Revision Number Check the active workbook's revision number

Alternatively, click on
File > Properties : Statistics
and the latest revision number is about half way down.


INI File View the PROJECT.LOG file for the current workbook


Toggle Toolbar If you don't want to use the toolbar, click on this and it disappears. Click on this item again and it comes back.
File Open Shows all the files in the same directory as the active file



Save and BackUp is shareware

With a registered copy

  • No banners appear if you have registered your copy.
  • There is a minimal cost £6.30 (appx $10) to register.

With an unregistered copy

  You will see the following banner each time "Save and BackUp" is loaded.
  If you choose not to register, click on "Don't Register". This does not affect Save and Backup's functionality.
  If you have registered your copy and received your user name and registration code from us then enter the details in the screen and click on "Register". Once registered, the banner no longer appears when you load Save and Backup





Do I have to register

Is Save and Backup time limited?

  • No. Even though "Save and BackUp" is shareware there are no time limits imposed on your use. However, if you continue to use it after 30 days you should register.

How do I register

  • We accept credit card registration using "PayPal".
    The current registration fee is £6.30 (GBP), which is approximately $10 (USD).
  • Or, registration by cheque is £11.75 (GBP) which must be in sterling and drawn on a UK bank.

Click here for the registration page


What happens next?

  • A few days after registering your copy of "Save and BackUp" you will be sent a serial number and your registration name.

  • Enter these into the welcome banner when you next load "Save and BackUp", or into the “User” section of the INI file.

  • The INI file is installed in the same folder as the add-in file. You can open it by clicking on the option in the "Save and BackUp, Other" sub-menu.


Published: 15-Mar-2003
Last updated: 20 August 2011 13:58