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We provide specialised consultancy services for Excel, VBA, Word, Access, 123, and Approach. Fees are negotiable on an hourly, daily or fixed rate basis. Hourly and daily rates are better for projects under the following circumstances:
  • You have a concept for which you need planning and production expertise not available in-house.
  • Where a project has evolved from being a "good idea" but has become too complex or unwieldy for your in-house resources to manage.

Fixed rates are best where you have a full specification available. Although remember that micro projects tend to evolve as one-to-one interaction between developer and user refines the concept.
If you have a full specification and want to discuss a fixed price contract then email me your specification together with any existing spreadsheet files that may exist. I will review the specification then contact you to clarify the requirement. Work will only begin once we have agreed the price and contract. The result will be sent to you by email. The contract price will be immediately payable by cheque in the agreed currency. The agreed price will include email support for 30 days after delivery but will not include additional development work requested by you after the initial contract is agreed. For information about me, click here.

Other Services
We also provide numerous free spreadsheet and VBA examples to help you make the most of your investment in Microsoft Office.
  • The Examples page contains useful Excel demonstrations you can adapt for your own use. Most of these files are demonstrations of principles, or partial solutions to popular problems. Download the files to your PC so you can study them at your leisure without incurring on-line or telephone charge costs. All of these are placed in the public domain.


We also supply three products to help you maximise your productivity when using Excel: "The Excel Auditor", "Byg Tools for VBA" and the "Byg Utilities Lite".
  • Byg Tools for VBA are for the VBA programmers who need to document, print and debug their work. The product is currently shareware but, if you don't want the reminder screen each time you load it, then you can register the product from this site.
  • The Excel Auditor is a set of tools that can help you control, audit and document your Excel workbooks.
  • Byg Utilities Lite is a set of useful add-ins. The product is shareware but, if you don't mind the reminder screen each time you load it, there is no time limitation.
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Published: 2001
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