What's New?

July 2005 Excel's Rounding functions
June 2005 Squashed Lists
INSERT records into a closed workbook using SQL
SQL in Excel
Worksheet Tabs - Color
Worksheet Tabs - Font Size
Worksheet Tabs
Data Validation
Lotus Books
Lotus Conversion
Lotus to Powerpoint
Lotus 123 to Excel
123 and WordPro
May 2005 Menu in the Active Workbook
Menu and sub-menu
Menu Bar Maker
PopUp Menu Demo
Log File
Validated List
Page Settings
Built in Document Properties
June 2004 Windows Scripting Host
VBS Script
Procedure Wrapper
Email from Lotus Notes
INI Files
Naming conventions
17 November 2004 VLookUpX - look up with up to three parameters
18 January 2004 Goan Prawn Curry
15 September 2003 Byg Software: Examples Check for duplicate entries using Conditional Formatting
15 September 2003 Byg Software: Examples Get column numbers from an letter value, or column letters from a numeric value
15 September 2003 UDF Untrapped Error in Excel 97
15 September 2003 ADO demonstration of using SQL - SQL in Excel
11 September 2003 Updated UsingSqlRequest.Xls - includes a new demo on extracting data from the active workbook - Byg Software: Examples
07-September-2003 Save and BackUp your Excel work with one click
14 May 2003 Byg Software: Example - Cash Analysis for a Payroll

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