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Q: I am converting spreadsheets from lotus 123v9 to Excel 2000. I am looking for a book that might show me how macros are written in 123. I cannot find anything! There is one book, but it is out of print. Does anyone know of a book that is available or where I might even get one secondhand?

A: If you are using 123v9, do you mean LotusScript?
If so click here to try "Using LotusScript in 1-2-3 Self-Paced Guide".
The site says "This tutorial is designed for Lotus 1-2-3 application developers who have not used LotusScript before. A good working knowledge of Lotus 1-2-3 is assumed. Experience writing Lotus 1-2-3 macros is helpful, but not required. No prior programming experience is assumed."

It is a self-extracting zip file tutorial on using LotusScript with 1-2-3. The .EXE consists of seven files:
lscript.pdf (9956 KB)
FinalSalesProjections.123 (109 KB)
Initialize.123 (14 KB)
SalesProjections.123 (7 KB)
setupsheet.lss (3 KB)
makeversion2.lss (2 KB)
makeversion.lss (2 KB)

This might get you on the right path.

Q: I am looking for "Microsoft Office 97 Developer". I cannot find it anywhere on the market. Unfortunately my clients are still using Office 97. Can anyone help either with information or by selling their software at reasonable prices.

A: You can still get this title at "www.megabytebooks.com" for 10.99 (18-Dec-2005).


Published: 2001
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