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We have produced solutions for these companies and organisations:

Company Project
Babergh DC Babergh District Council is in the heart Constable country.
• Special project funded by the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister to advise on and produce a financial planning model.
• Preparation for Invitation To Tender to outsource delivery of customer contact (CAST project)
JPMorgan A leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers and businesses, financial transaction processing, asset and wealth management and private equity.
JP Morgan were Upgrading their OS from NT to XP Professional and their Microsoft Office package from 97 to XP. We ensured that all Excel spreadsheets in their Euro Govies, Interest Rates and Financial Institutions Derivative Markets areas operated in the new environment.
• We wrote special tools to assist audit and conversion processes.
• 250+ users – mainly traders.
• Users had over 100,000 Excel files.
• Wrote the following specialist tools:
    • Auditing tool could inspect and report on over 2000 files per hour.
    • Remediation tool averaged two minutes per file.
Northern Rock 9th largest UK quoted bank (by market capitalisation) and the largest financial institution based in the North East of England.
• Special investigation into problems the management accounting department experienced with Excel at their financial year end.
Marsh & McLennon World's largest reinsurer. Designed budget reporting tools for distribution within the UK group. The main module was at cost centre level with sub-modules for salary and capital expenditure. Additionally we added modules to consolidate the results, and one to prepare journal uploads to Oracle. No VBA used.
Danone Best known for its leading brands of Evian and Volvic mineral waters. Produced a management information program to produce monthly reports from a SQL Server file for each of its trading relationships. Each reported by brands and by each brands' products. Automated the output so each file was zipped and then emailed to the relationship manager via Lotus Notes. All produced using VBA, ADO and ODBC.
Gillette International consumer products group required a promotion evaluation tool. Covered 17 countries and hundreds of products.
W.H.Smith Special investigation into part of their accounting process. Cut processing time from 15 hours to under three minutes. Included pivot-tables and ODBC connections.
H.S.B.C • Developing and enhancing the Portfolio Modelling application used by traders to make investment decisions against benchmarks. Used by HSBC in UK, USA, Hong Kong and Australia.
• Excel front-end. Main functionality written in VBA making extensive use of classes, database connectivity (Sybase and SQL Server 2000 ODBC via ADO and DAO), menus, forms, events and pivot-tables.
Royal Bank of Canada The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) entered the gilt-edge market (GEM), for both fixed and index-linked gilts, on 1st November 2000. We wrote the applications the trading team required enabling them to trade effectively in the market.
• Interactive screen calculations based on user inputs, including pricing off the curve.
• Excel front-end. Extensive “workbook_change” events, menus, forms, writing files for external applications, and reading and writing to database (SQL Server and MsAccess ODBC via ADO and DAO).
• Charting application to compare prices, yields and other available data sourced from commercial databases.
Orange Year 2000 and Lotus SmartSuite to Microsoft Office conversion.
Mail-merge using Tele-Connect output into many user and pre-defined templates Word templates.
Royal London Year 2000 and 123 to Excel conversion ... again.
They are one of the few surviving mutuals remaining in the UK.
Guardian Investment Holdings Year 2000 compliance and converting 123 to Excel.
It was the asset holding company for a large insurance group.
Monis Software Designed an Excel interface for their "Optimum Convertibles" product. They are a market-leader in derivatives pricing and analysis systems and have more than 500 major financial institutions using their products worldwide.
Johnson Fry Endowment trading system,
Gilt trading,
Business process analysis,
Pension portfolio analysis
Northcliffe Newspapers Accounting consolidation. Technically a fulfilling period as they required a consolidation package with no VBA!
Thomas Cook Agent profitability.
Examination of relationships with their world-wide network of agents.
Prudential Assurance  Unit trust pension management
Trust House Forte Accounting consolidations, for their hotels and restaurants divisions.
Inter Forward Management Information Reporting System
Tricity Finance Product profitability models

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My name is Andy Wiggins. I qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant many years ago. In the late seventies, began working with computers. My first taste of programming was at the Thames Water Authority using a financial planning language called "Prosper". I then moved to Lombard North Central Plc (part of the National Westminster Bank group) where I used APL, Lotus 123 and Symphony. During that time I wrote their financial planning system, which was described in a Lotus training video. I then set up and ran their financial small systems development unit. I now run Byg Software to produce solutions to business problems.

I won first prize in a national competition, organised by Lotus, to design a Symphony business-template. 

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