Access Log File

Using DAO to record data in an Access database.

download Alf

The zip file contains alf.xls and alf.mdb
The code is in one VBA module:
Notes: This file demonstrates how you can record Excel VBA process activity in an Access database.
  Use it to log user activity, providing an audit trail for their protection as well as your own.
  Identify programming bottlenecks.
Important: If you move this code into another workbook, you will need to ensure it includes a reference to DAO 3.51
  (In VBA, Tools > References)
  You will need a copy of Microsoft's Access.
Versions: Excel 97 and Access 97
Filenames: ALF.xls This file
  ALF.mdb Access file
Install: Copy this workbook and the Access database
  into the same directory
Use: To use this in your own work:
  Copy the ALF code into your workbook.
  Put a copy of ALF.mdb is in your workbook's directory.
  Create a reference to DAO 3.6
  Run Test_ALF to ensure it's recording.
  Put references to ALF in strategic positions in your code.
Code Notes: The code consists of three procedures:
  The code contains all the documentation.
Access: Consists of a database called, "DataSource"
  and a form also called "DataSource".
  Table fields:
  An The table is keyed on this AutoNumber field.
  Model_Id Identifier
  DateX System date
  TimeX System time
  NameX Position identifier, e.g., procedure name
  NotesX Notes
  Elapsed Calculated - time elapsed since previous entry
  The form opens when the database is loaded.
  It contains a calculated field that shows the elapsed
  time between the current and previous activities