Excel FAQs

  • Most of these files are demonstrations of principles, or partial solutions to popular problems.

  • Download the files to your PC so you can study them. All files are compressed in the popular zip format.

  • All of these are placed in the public domain. If any of them help you to solve a problem, please send me some outline details of the project you were working on, which example you used, and how it helped you.

Administration Utilities
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More than 15 digits Excel can display a maximum of 15 digits. If you have a number greater than 15 digits, the subsequent ones will display as zeros.
If you are processing numbers greater than 15 digits, such as credit card numbers then cells formatted as text will display
  This link will give additional information:
  Also from this site: Credit Cards - how to handle 16 digit card numbers.


Administration Utilities
Problems opening Excel Try opening Excel without any Add-ins or hidden workbooks:
"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Safe
Or       Excel.exe /Safe


"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\Excel.exe" /Regserver
Or       Excel.exe / Regserver


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