Excel's Header and Footer Interface

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As part of a research project, into human-computer interfaces, I am looking at the Header and Footer (HAF) interface Excel uses when preparing a page layout for printing. This interface is the same for Excel versions 5, 97 and 2000.

I would appreciate it if you would look at my proposal for a revised interface and then comment on it.

Below is the current interface, as used in versions 5, 97, and 2000
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Current HAF interface.gif (21149 bytes)

My proposed version would be interactive with the print-preview screen, so as changes are made to the layout they are immediately reflected on the screen image.
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Print Preview.gif (46192 bytes)

Click here to view or download the image in Word 97 format

Feature Comments
Retained   On screen help prompt for formatting and inserting information
New Toggle between Header and Footer dialog boxes
Revised  Sections now stacked. Easier to work with boxes where the text did not wrap around. Shows approximate horizontal position relative to the other HAF components.
Revised  When users save HAF settings to their library, they become available from this feature.
New Vertical movement spin buttons.
New Horizontal movement spin buttons for fine adjustment.


Here are details of the revised embedded toolbar:

Click here to view or download the image and notes in Word 97 format

Feature Description
1 New   Toggle between the Header and Footer dialog boxes
2 Retained Font settings
3 Retained   Page number
4 Retained   Total pages
5 Retained  

Insert date

6 Retained  

Insert time

7 New  

Format dates

8 New 

Insert a link code dynamically connecting it to a cell in the workbook, which is not necessarily on the same page as that being printed..

9 New 

File’s path

10 Retained  

Workbook name

11 Retained  

Worksheet name

12 New 

Toggle between information codes, such as &[Date], and current values

13 New 

Spell check

14 New 

Save current settings to the user’s settings library

15 New 

If checked, correct HAF font sizes are retained during “Print to fit” routines and do not scale along with the rest of the page.

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